Ellen Mitschke - human & dog physiotherapist

After having worked for nearly 18 years in human physiotherapy, gaining expertise in not only Germany, but Switzerland, Australia, Russia, and since 2005 in Spain, I have decided to dedicate my therapeutic experience and my passion for animals to dogs.

I began to get involved in dog physiotherapy when I had the opportunity to help treat a friend's dog who was suffering from severe hip dysplasia, but also because of my whish to keep my own dog, Luna, physically and mentally happy and healthy.

So I became a qualified dog physiotherapist in Linkenheim (Germany). The studies involved anatomy, physiology, pathology, dog behaviour and physiotherapy methods and techniques. The exams were taken by a commission of vets and dog physiotherapists.


Academic training :

  • Degree in Physiotherapy for dogs by Bluemchen/Wosslick - 1. German academic centre for canine physiotherapists (1.DAHP) by Linkenheim/Germany, 2010
  • Degree in Sport Physiotherapy by EDEN REHA Fortbildungszentrum (Donaustauf), 1997
  • Degree in Sport Physiotherapy, advanced training - German Physiotherapy Association (Dormagen), 1996
  • Degree in Physiotherapy by Deutsche Gesellschat für Manuelle Medizin (Boppard), 1991-1996

  • Other
  • Therapeutic fasting course (Bad Honnef), 2008
  • Lymphatic dranage - Top-Physio Shulungszentrum (Berlin), 2007
  • McKenzie Therapy Levels B-D (mechanical diagnosis and treatment of the lumbar spine) - Top-Physio Shulungszentrum (Berlin), 2006-2007
  • McKenzie Therapy Level A (mechanical diagnosis and treatment of the lumbar spine) - Zurzach Centre (Switzerland), 2006
  • Symposium on Ergonomy. Ergonomy at the work place - Zürich (Suiza), 2002
  • Symposium on Ergonomy - Zürich (Suiza), 2002
  • Counter Strain Techniken 1 - Deutsche Akademie für Osteopathische Medizin e.V., 2001
  • Muscular Energy course 1 - Deutsche Akademie für Osteopathische Medizin (DAOM) e.V., 2000
  • Craniosacral therapy - Deutsche Akademie für Osteopathische Medizin (DAOM) e.V., 1999
  • Foot reflexology - Foot reflexology lyceum in Königsfeld-Burgberg, 1998
  • Special course on Sport Nutrition: strategies on the link between nutrition and injuries - German Physiotherapy Association (Weinheim), 1995
  • Course on Curso de Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation - Michael Preibsch Centre (REHA), 1995